Finally the final!

The final stage of the project seems to be finished!

The current practical piece is presented as an interactive photo project which contains of 10 images. The main aim of the project is to involve the audience into the interactive experience of digital life circle from birth to death presented through the social networks. 

There is project brief through the pictures:




The virtual glitch tour around Library

The project shows the virtual experience of library and also explores Clssic art and music through newaesthetic approach (transformed it to glitch).

Includes 4 parts:

To create the project was using:

– Binaural recorder;

– Glitche App for images;

– Adobe Photoshop CS6 for glitchig music.



Max Software

One of the most exciting software which I learnt during the Interactive Media module was MAX:

Max is a visual programming language for music and multimedia developed and maintained by San-Francisco based software company Cycling’74. During its 20-year history, it has been used by composers, performers, software designers, researchers, and artists for creating recordings, performances, and installations.

If be honest if i have the suitable background i would like to create my project via that software. Unfortunately my skills in this field are not rich enough. Anyway it was amazing experience and probably my future project could be created that way.

My own experience:

Thanks to this module for such interesting experience.

Project Development

The main critical point of the project:

Today, spacial propinquity, the actual physical nearness of individuals, is less important to the maintenance of social communities than in the past because the social media have eliminated “cohabitation of a territorial place” as a prerequisite for community (Caron, Caronia, 2007).

‘…increasing number of communities that are not territorially defined…'(Webber, 1964).

The purpose:

To explore the challenge of social communication provided through the social networks in terms of time and space.

Useful software:

– Adobe Photoshop;

– Adobe Flash;

– Glitche app;

The interactive element:

The project is built with opportunity for the audience to interact with current piece of work. It includes interactive buttons which the user through its own individual experience could use to navigate through the project and also activate visual part of the project.


As long as project presented in newaesthetic way it includes visual elements such as symbols of chosen social networks platforms which have been transformed via Glitche App.

The New Aesthetic is a term used to refer to the increasing appearance of the visual language of digital technology and the Internet in the physical world, and the blending of virtual and physical (Bridle, 2012).


Abode Flash CS6/Digital life of the user

As long as final project should be done in interactive approach I’ve chosen suitable software to create such – Adobe Flash CS6.

There are some useful links which helps me that way:

Through that tutorial guide mostly I interested in making interactive buttons with opportunity to drop into the video and audio files which would be appears by pressing thatImage

The main idea of using such Flash options is to link buttons of social networks with related images, video and audio. The main aim through that option is to present the Circle of Digital Life of the user during his actual life.

The exploration is focus on some particular stages of personal identity such as:

birth->growing up (kid, teenager, adult, family man)-> newborn (kid/user).

In particular way it is interesting for me to present in interactive way how the sense of time and space during all these stages changes through the using of social networks.