Abode Flash CS6/Digital life of the user

As long as final project should be done in interactive approach I’ve chosen suitable software to create such – Adobe Flash CS6.

There are some useful links which helps me that way:

Through that tutorial guide mostly I interested in making interactive buttons with opportunity to drop into the video and audio files which would be appears by pressing thatImage

The main idea of using such Flash options is to link buttons of social networks with related images, video and audio. The main aim through that option is to present the Circle of Digital Life of the user during his actual life.

The exploration is focus on some particular stages of personal identity such as:

birth->growing up (kid, teenager, adult, family man)-> newborn (kid/user).

In particular way it is interesting for me to present in interactive way how the sense of time and space during all these stages changes through the using of social networks.





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